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EasyGel Protect Medical

From 2002, during his professional practice as a vascular doctor, Dr. Frédéric Bosler observed discomfort related to the ultrasound gel bottle, not only for the practitioner but also for the patient. Very quickly he wanted to find and provide a fast and concrete technological solution.

The list of drawbacks is long, handling the bottle, loss of time during application and so loss of images, excessive or insufficient gel quantity, hygienic problem, tendinopathy (due to repeated pressure on the bottle), patient discomfort (gel temperature, movements around patient, …)

To solve this, the BCL INVENT® R&D team has designed and developed a patented medical device.

This first automatic ultrasound gel dispensing system device, CE certified, is called Echo Revolution®. It adapts to all types of ultrasound machines, regardless of the brand or model.

A simple press on ultrasound machine keyboard or with foot switch is enough to deliver the amount of gel required for the examination automatically on the probe.

This tool saves time during ultrasound examination, saves gel used and, above all, improves hygiene.

Linked to this device, BCL INVENT® has developed and manufactured its own echographic gel, CE certified, with a specific viscosity, suitable for ultrasound examinations. This water-based gel is ideal for ensuring the propagation of the signal between the probe and the skin: it allows to obtain an optimal image quality.

Of course, given its gel expertise, BCL INVENT® manufactures and distributes hydro-alcoholic gel in accordance with standard EN14476, Easygel Protect® Amicrobials: hypoallergenic, moisturizing, dye-free and fragrance-free.

BCL INVENT® manufactures and distributes an automatic dispenser of hydroalcoholic gel: EGPGHA, distribution without contact, germ and microbe. Particularly robust, this gel dispenser has been tested in different sites for more than 5 months.

Easygel Protect Medical