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Gels manufacturer and designer of innovative solutions
for health and safety


Capturing /retaining fine and ultrafine particles at source is the securiest solution for all your operations on dust-emitting materials (asbestos, lead, silica, …).


Designer and manufacturer of the Echo Revolution®, the first and unique patented ultrasound gel dispenser with dedicated gel, BCL INVENT® has extended it’s medical range to hydroalcoholic gels.


Since 2008, in collaboration with Lorraine universities and laboratories, BCL INVENT® designs, develops and optimizes gels specifically intended for health and prevention.


Based on your needs, we work to develop the most suitable solution for your issues.

Development and production of our gels, our containers and all our services are now based on our new site in France, in the Grand-EST aera.

Our know-how, at the service of operators’ health, is in compliance with regulations and quality management.

BCL INVENT® developed gel for retaining fine and ultrafine particles at source but also an Easygel Protect® patented range in order to respond to dangerous dust problems (asbestos, lead, silica, etc.).

BCL INVENT® is working to develop the appropriate tools that allow construction workers to operate safely with emissive materials by capturing and retaining at source all dust, whether or not dangerous. This containment protects the operator and the environment. Our solutions are an alternative to aspiration and are considered like EPC (collective protective equipment).

Drilling pockets, cutting sheaths, coring tools, gels for impregnation, dislodgement, chiselling, screwing / unscrewing, diagnostics… Our entire range is based on source retention of dust by gel ; but, and this is our specificity, all our gels have a specific formulation adapted to their uses.

Regarding the kind of our products, it’s the quantity and quality of gel that guarantees the operator optimal protection and reproducibility.

All of our products has the same advantages:

  • Economical solution
  • Simplicity of use
  • Reproductibility of operating mode
  • Reduces dust
  • Clean site
  • Protection of operators and their environment
  • Limitation of handling and risks associated with working at height.

Of course, the Easygel Protect® range allows you to meet regulatory obligations which is suitable, in France for work in sub-section 4 and sub-section 3. Our products allow you to carry out your sites in level 1, in compliance with the number of fibers per liter imposed by the public health French code (limit <5f / L) and the labor French code (limit <10f / L).

Developed in partnership with PRDA (Asbestos Research and Development Plan) and CEVALIA commission, our products are also recommended by INRS and have been tested within the framework of CARTO AMIANTE / OPPBTP project, which regularly mention our products.

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