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Research and development


For the sonographer, the use of gel bottle is a disruptive element for proper performance of examinations: waste of time, lack of comfort, waste of gel and lack of hygiene.

BCL INVENT® has designed the Echo Revolution® dispenser with its own ultrasound gel taking into account the medical (hygiene, patient comfort) economic (reduction in cost per procedure) and environmental (waste reduction) aspects which not only solves these difficulties, but also reduces upper limb tendinopathy.

This solution is patented by BCL INVENT®.


To allow building professionals to work while protecting themselves from dust, in particular asbestos, while respecting legislation, the research and development department of BCL INVENT® has designed EasyGel Protect®, an innovative solution that prevents, at source, the dissemination of asbestos fibers during maintenance and renovation work.

This solution is also patented by BCL INVENT®.